Independent Mercedes Servicing

Your Mercedes is precious to you. It probably cost a great deal at purchase. You want to protect your investment and enjoy many more years of motoring in your car. Unfortunately, all too often, main dealer networks, with their slick business structure and systems can fall short of you, the customer, and your car.

You will find that our approach is different.

We would hope to come up with a better solution at a fraction of the cost.

Did you know car manufacturers don't make any of the parts, they just assemble the car. All the parts, with very few exceptions will be produced by component manufacturers. We have exactly the same supply lines and deliveries.

Access to the same parts as main dealers and we stock the common parts

When you bring the car home and find they didn't do something, you got to face another wait until they have a free slot for your car, and another day with a courtesy car?

Main dealers can miss things - why?

Lots of layers of Communication

The end result of your visit to the main dealer depends fully on the people who took the details from you over the phone and the receptionist who booked your car in. You describe as best you can, and rely on their systems and diagnostics to locate all the issues that concern you, and any others that crop up.

Wouldn't it be better to talk to the technician from the very beginning?

Different Departments:

Your car is not seen as a whole car - with fault diagnosis and routine servicing your car can go through different departments, all clocking up their time part of your bill. If one fault is at the root of all the others, how many hours and departments will your car have been through before it is found?

Don't pay for the repair that you need not have had.

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